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I think it’s a tremendous shame that these trials did not take place close to where the victims are and where the crimes took place, tremendous shame. And I think it’s one of the issues that has dogged us in terms of our effectiveness. Having said that, when you go back to 1995, 1996, just think of the situation then.
The Security Council had to, and the, the Secretariat had to put in place a trial system that was going to be able to operate in a fairly dispassionate, f-, free li-, environment in which defense were going to be able to act freely as well as prosecution. I know they considered Nairobi originally when they were trying to locate a place.
And it, but it was felt that really the situation, although the infrastructure was better, the political situation in Kenya was not such as to make it a very neutral ground. And so Arusha was chosen although dusty and a town with no infrastructure, no computers, no roads, nothing. Was not really the best place in hind-, in hindsight, because it took a long time to get things going.
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October 15, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Donald J Horowitz
Max Andrews
Nell Carden Grey
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Part 8
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